About Us

A Brief History of Wittenberg Telephone:

1898 – Beginning of Telephone Service in Wittenberg Telephone Company.

1901 – Beginning of Elderon Telephone Company.

1919 – Operators on duty 24 hours a day and paid $0.22 per hour for 19-hour days.

1967 – First dial telephones installed.

1981 – Cable TV system founded by local investors, maintained by Wittenberg Telephone Company.

1983 – Party lines eliminated and replaced with one party private phone lines.

1990 – Wittenberg Telephone Company Long Distance founded, powered by Wittenberg Telephone Company.

1996 – Wittenberg Telephone Company offers first internet to rural Wittenberg Telephone Company and Elderon.

2011 and Beyond – Wittenberg Telephone Company serves customers with everything from phone service, High-Speed Internet and HDTV. Technology drives the company to embrace change, while dependable commitment to local customer and technical service remain at the core.


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