Q: What are your business office hours?

A: Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm.


Q: What number do I call for repair service of phone, internet or TV?

A: 715-253-2111, One number does it all!


Q: How/where do I pay my bill?

A: We recommend that you take advantage of our free ACH billing system. This system automatically pays your bill directly out of your bank account on the 10th of every month, call our business office to apply. You may also choose to mail or deliver your payment to us at Wittenberg Telephone Company, PO Box 160, 104 W. Walker Street, Wittenberg, WI, 54499. We also accept major credit cards at our business office, by phone, or through our online E-Bill System. If you would like to make a payment when the business office is closed there is a payment slot located in the front wall of our business office.


Q: What Internet speeds do you offer and how much do they cost?

A: The quick answer is located on our home page, www.wittenbergnet.net. For the best deals look at our current specials or click on the “Bundles” tab. You may also inquire under the “Internet” tab.


Q: Do you offer any special offers for service?

A: Yes, refer back to our home page, www.wittenbergnet.net, and look at our current specials or click on the “Bundles” tab.


Q: How do I dial directory assistance?

A: Simply dial 1-411. $.65 cents will be charged for each phone number that you request.


Q: What calls will I be charged for and where I cancall for free.

A: There are individual index pages immediately in front of the Wittenberg and Elderon sections of the local phone book. Each telephone exchange page illustrates the various calling areas. Home Exchange and EAS calls are included in your monthly phone bill (free), EXTENDED COMMUNITY CALLING (Extended Community Calls) are currently 5 cents per minute. Any calls that are not Home Exchange, EAS or EXTENDED COMMUNITY CALLING will be charged at a long distance rate from the long distance company of your choice.

Q: My Internet is not working, what do I do?

A: Step 1: Unplug the power to your high speed internet modem from the power receptacle. Step 2: Unplug the power from any switch, router or wireless router that you may be using from the power receptacle. Step 3: Restart your computer(s). Step 4: Plug all devices back into electrical receptacles that were previously unplugged. Wait for all devices to restore to their normal state. If the internet is still not working dial 715-253-2111 for repair service.


Q: How do I get the Digital Channels on my Cable TV?

A: We deliver digital channels everywhere there is Cable TV today. If your TV is equipped with the proper tuner it will add the digital channels during a regular channel scan. The digital channels are crystal clear and are included in your service at no extra charge. In order to receive the digital channels you need to own television equipment that has a QAM channel tuner. Not all flat screen or digital television equipment comes with a QAM tuner. When looking at new television equipment make sure that it has a QAM tuner so you can receive all the digital channels at no extra cost.


Q: Why do I only get channels 2 through 13 on my TV set?

A: Your television set needs to be programmed to receive cable television. Look in your owner’s manual for instructions on how to connect an antenna or cable to your TV.


Q: How can I record my favorite programs off of my cable tv?

A: You can record programs off of your cable TV with the appropriate VCR or TiVo unit. For those of you that are techno-savvy there are also special computer video cards and programs on the market for recording programs.


Use caution when looking at new VCR’s to make sure that they have a coax-type connection. If you have trouble finding a VCR with a coax-type connection, Ebay usually has an ample supply of pre-owned VCR’s for sale. When considering TiVo as a choice be aware that there are user fees associated with the service.

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